Definition of Done

Definition of Done er aftale mellem udviklere til at sikre at man er enige om hvornår en opgave er af en kvalitet som alle kan stå indefor. Her på siden er samlet et udvalg af punkter man kan tage med i sin definition of done. Vælg kun de punkter som er relevante for jeres team.

Pull Request:

  • Pull Request is linked to task

  • Pull Request has one purpose. Refactory should be in its own Pull Request

  • Title should be clear to understand


  • Code merged to master through pull request

  • Code approved by at least one other developer

  • Automatic code clean up has been done

  • No new warnings or messages thrown

  • Self review of the code has been done


  • TDD has been used

  • Test coverage including "exclude from terst coverage" at 100%

  • Tests covers all known senarios

  • Tests are set to be run in the deployment pipeline and stops if test fails.

  • Tests are only removed if they are no longer needed and not if "I don't know how to fix the test"


  • Database-related PBI needs a roll back plan

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